FACT: The Strachan & Co coins are South Africa's first circulating indigenous currency (they circulated for nearly 60 years from 1874). The Griquatown token coins never circulated (proof at this link.) Check out the links below for proof of the Strachan coin's historic role in South African numismatics.

[History of the Griqua Nation] [History of the Strachan Family]
[More than just "tokens"] [Background to tokens] [The forgotten South African Currency]
[Technical information] [Going prices] [The two "in goods" sets]
[Tokens scrapped] [Large image of complete set of S&Co] [S&Co Error Coins and Oddities]
[The book set to make the Strachan and Co tokens famous]
[Strachan and Co Set for sale - April 2008]

Griqua Coin and Bank Note Menu
[1815/16 Griqua Town "coins"] [1860: Durban Club 6d] [1862 Durban Bank £5 Bank Note] [1868: Griqua £1 Bank Note]
[1874: Mount Currie Express Stamp] [1874/1932: Strachan and Co Currency Tokens] [Other E Griqualand Tokens]
[1870s Griqua Town Patterns] [1890: Griqua Patterns] [Other Serious Griqua Coin Collectors]
[The History of the Griqua People] [Other South African Metal Token Coins

[Book: History of the Griquas and their money]

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