Complete set of 16 Strachan and Co trade/currency tokens -

Scott Balson is offering ONE complete set of sixteen Strachan and Co trade tokens for sale from his private collection. The set includes all four coins in all four varieties - S Africa's first indigenous widely circulating coins the S&Co (1874); the extremely rare MH set (c1876) and both varieties of IN GOODS including the extremely rare 1/- old IN GOODS (see images below). The coins will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and an original copy of the extremely rare book "Kence, the trade tokens of Strachan and Company," published by Scott Balson and Prof Clive Graham in 1978 (there are only about hundred and fifty copies of this highly sought after numismatic work in existence).

The detail of the coins offered for sale can be seen by clicking on the images below. The last set sold for US$4,000 within days of being offered for sale. A few months ago one of the common set four S&Co coins sold for over US$150 on eBay. More at this link.

Strachan and Co set



Very high quality scans - click on thumbnails - over 700kb images

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Numismatists and institutions who are known to own a complete set of the Strachan and Co tokens - there are only about 60 sets in the world:

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